Our Mission


Bavala Finance is a yield aggregator that based on automated market maker mechanism to optimise the yield in binance smart chain layer 1 platform such as PancakeSwap ,Bakery Swap and Burger Swap. The overall ecosystem is powered by our Bavala Finance Token which is a yield farming rewards token that can involve as governance token and stake in Bavala Finance Vault to earn more. Bavala Finance aims to brings farming across multi chain and multi dex through our platform.

What we have here?

Bavala Finance Ecosystem

Galaxy Series NFT Staking
Bavala Galaxy NFT, our very own galaxy themed NFT series which will be usable in Defi Gaming. Earn more $BFT rewards by staking Bavala Galaxy NFT on our platform or trade them on our NFT marketplace.
Bavala Liquidity Yield Farming
Grow your asset and maximize your rewards! Earn $BFT rewards and LP fees by staking your LP tokens from any major BSC DEX on our platform.
BFT Defi Staking Pool
Stake $BFT tokens in our yield farms and earn extra $BFT rewards.
Total BFT Supply
Total BFT Circulating
Presale Supply

Sometimes Flexibility is a Good Thing. Therefore,

Bavala provides you with ..

High Flexibility Environment
Bavala Finance provides a protocol that focuses on growing your assets. It allows you to pick your investment environement from time to time as the circumstances change.
Your Own Rewards Schedule
Anyone can easily choose to be involved in different staking timeframe according to their APR targets and risk appetite.
Yield Optimization
We proudly share up to 90% of the yield performance to ensure everyone is rewarded.


Purchase Token

BFT is an BEP20 token that strives to serving as a governance and farming rewards token for Bavala Finance Ecosystem Having its ticker as BFT, the BFT has a total supply of 10 Billion Tokens.
Token purchase has ended.